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Axis T94B02D Pendant Kit

Axis T94B02D Pendant Kit

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Pendant kit to enable use of Axis mounting products featuring a 1.5" NPS thread. 3/4" pipes can also be used, but then a nut for the pipe thread is required.

Compatible Products:

  • Axis M2025-LE
  • Axis M2026-LE
  • Axis M3044-V
  • Axis M3044-WV
  • Axis M3045-V
  • Axis M3045-WV
  • Axis M3046-V
  • Axis M3104-L
  • Axis M3104-LVE
  • Axis M3105-L
  • Axis M3105-LVE
  • Axis M3106-L
  • Axis M3106-LVE